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The Tactical Attraction Manual

This is the core of the Tactical Attraction system. You'll get a complete step-by-step blueprint for becoming the ultra-confident, charming and irresistible guy that women are hard-wired to desire.

Inside this controversial and confidential manual, you'll discover a vault full of secrets and strategies that will give you the upper hand during any conversation, along with dozens of lines, routines, approaches and "escalation tactics" that will give you an unfair advantage over all the other guys.

Mastermind Club Membership

Enjoy one free week of unlimited access to our "mastermind vault," which is filled with training materials from the world's top seduction and dating experts. As a Mastermind Club member, you'll receive additional books, reports, and audio & video modules that will accelerate your success and totally prepare you for any situation.

If you decide to remain a Mastermind Club member after your trial period, you'll pay only $9.99 per week for full access. Of course, you can cancel your membership at at any time by simply sending an email to our Customer Support team at:

Body Language Mastery

Did you know over 80% of communication is non-verbal? Your body language gives off powerful signals to women that can either make her instantly feel curious and attracted to you, or turn her off. But it's not only about mastering the signals you give off. It's also about knowing how to read HER signals, so that you always know what to do next.

Conversation Commando

In this module, we'll walk you step-by-step through our proven gameplan for creating fun, flirtatious conversations with girls. Skip the usual "small talk" and use these simple tactics (it only takes seconds to learn) to grab her interest instantly and connect with her on an emotional level. You'll have a plan hard-wired into your brain that lets you easily control the flow of the conversation and use it to build sexual chemistry and deep attraction.

Friend Zone Annihilator

Get ready to discover a simple (but insanely effective) gameplan for staying out of the Friend Zone FOREVER. Women will feel an instant sense of sexual chemistry with you, and see you as the type of playful, confident and sexually exciting "Alpha guy" they're naturally attracted to.

And if you're currently stuck in the Friend Zone (and you want to get sexual with her), this module also shows you how to instantly change the way she feels about you.

Get The Look Women Love

Did you know there are simple, proven "tweaks" you can make to your appearance and style RIGHT NOW that will instantly make you 300% more attractive to women, and they don't require you to buy new clothes or spend months in the gym?

Not knowing these secrets can get you rejected instantly. But when you follow this simple sequence of steps and "get the look women love," you'll have a huge advantage and will bypass the female "rejection mechanism."

Internet Seduction

Meeting hot girls online and getting laid is easier than ordering a pizza once you uncover the secrets of Internet Seduction. Dating sites (along with social media sites such as Facebook) allow you to seduce an unlimited number of fun, sexy and available women in your area, yet very few guys have a clue about how to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Inside the top-secret Internet Seduction manual, you'll receive step-by-step coaching from top internet dating experts so that you know exactly how to set up a profile that commands attention from women, and makes THEM reach out to YOU. This module alone has gotten thousands of our students incredible results, and it's yours free when you order today.

Crawl Inside Her Mind

There's a huge difference between what women SAY and what they're actually thinking. This module reveals "mind-reading" techniques that allow you to instantly get inside her head so that you can decode her true thoughts and feelings. She'll think you possess psychic powers once you use these tactics on her, and they make it easy to build a connection with her in mere SECONDS.

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